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Full service in pipeline repairs

Jeferson Pipe

Jeferson Pipe’s main activities are pipelines and piping systems repairs (emergency or scheduled), maintenance and construction.

Founded by the determination of a mechanical engineer, with 40 years of experience in this field, in establishing a company that dominates with
excellence the whole execution sequence, since the definition of the best Engineering solution, including the design, the fabrication and the field jobs.

Jeferson Pipe also performs services and infrastructure works associated or complementary to the company’s main activities.


Apply the best solution in the services involving pipeline and piping systems repair, maintenance and construction.


Become the reference-company in pipeline and piping systems repair, maintenance and construction.


Expression of Jeferson Pipe commitment to
the Clients e to Society.

● Technics.
● Health, Safety and Environment.
● Ethics.
● Economy.

ISO Certification

IMS Policy

The Jeferson Pipe company, with the commitment to satisfy the applicable requirements, needs and expectations of the interested parties and the continuous improvement of the integrated management system, has established, implemented and maintains the following Policy:

Jeferson Pipe, with a commitment to meeting applicable requirements, the needs and expectations of interested parties, and the continuous improvement of the integrated management system, has established, implemented, and maintains the following Policy: Jeferson Pipe is committed to satisfying its Customers by meeting the requirements of interested parties, regulatory and statutory requirements, promoting emergency or scheduled repair services, maintenance, and construction of pipelines (oil pipelines, gas pipelines, and mineral pipelines) and industrial piping, as well as the management of projects executed by third parties and the development of basic and executive engineering projects, aligned with the organization's strategic direction and scope, ensuring their final quality. Taking care of its employees by eliminating hazards and minimizing risks to Occupational Health and Safety, ensuring that everyone understands the importance of their commitment to the execution of the Integrated Management System, that their roles are clearly defined, and that they receive proper guidance for their execution. Generating minimal impact on the environment by preventing pollution and degradation, promoting the sustainable use of resources, mitigation, and adaptation to climate change, protecting biodiversity and ecosystems, always striving for continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System.

Compliance and Human Rights

Compliance: Jeferson Pipe recognizes the importance of compliance with laws and regulations to maintain business integrity and protection of customers, employees and partners, as well as commitment to follow all applicable laws and adopt best practices in terms of terms conformity.

LGPD: Jeferson Pipe emphasizes its dedication to personal data protection, strictly aligning itself with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD).

Human Rights: Jeferson Pipe actively promotes human rights in all operations and believes that each individual deserves dignity, equality and respect.

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Denunciation Channel


Jeferson Pipe provides full service in pipeline repairs, from the assessment to the final inspection


Assessment of the needs of the project to be executed


Development of the
engineering project

Thermal Analysis

Através de software do PRCI (v. 2023/24)


Installation of Full Encirclement Sleeves and other repair devices


Thorough inspection before, during and after the installation

Jeferson Pipe’s main activities are:

● Pipelines and piping systems repairs (emergency or scheduled), maintenance and construction.

▹ Engineering solutions.

▹ According to ASME B31.4, B31.8 and B31.3.

▹ Other Codes and Standards.

● Other infrastructure works.

Thermal Simulation Software

Jeferson Pipe has the software PRCI Thermal Analysis Model for Hot-Tap Welding to run, interpretate and also define the safe parameters for welding onto in-service oil and gas pipelines.